Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC


Teeth Bleaching/Teeth Whitening

Dr. Wieczorek offers two methods for whitening teeth: custom trays and non-custom trays.

  • Teeth Whitening with a Custom Tray

The method for making custom trays includes taking impressions of one’s mouth and fabricating customized, clear trays that fit over the teeth perfectly. Whitening bleach gel is placed in the trays and then the trays are worn for approximately 35-45 minutes per day for approximately 7 days. The cost is higher than non-custom trays but if one intends to whiten their teeth in the future, this may be the more cost-effective method. Since the trays have already been made, the patient would only have to purchase the whitening bleach gel for future whitening treatment.

  • Teeth Whitening with a Non-custom Tray

Non-custom trays are purchased in a kit. There are 20 disposable trays. 10 are used for upper arch and 10 are used for the lower arch. The trays can be altered to fit one’s arch. It’s not as well fitting as a custom tray but it fits pretty well. An upper and lower tray is worn for 35-45 min per day for 10 days. The trays are then discarded and not reused. The cost is less for the non-custom trays.

How white will my teeth get?

No guarantee can ever be given as to how well someone’s teeth will be whitened. There are many factors in determining whether teeth will be whitened or not. Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate are all examples of foods/drink that stain teeth. If one eats or drinks a lot of these things, their teeth may not whiten well. If one doesn’t brush AND floss well enough, then plaque can build up preventing the whitening bleach from working. Naturally, some people’s teeth whiten easier than others. So, it is hard to guarantee how well whitening will work or how long it will last. Most likely, if a patient follows the instructions well, their teeth should be noticeably whiter after the regimen is complete.