Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

Dentures – Complete

Full dentures can be made traditionally (when teeth are already missing) or immediately (teeth are still present but will be extracted). Traditional dentures are fabricated entailing a few visits to the dentist. Immediate dentures can be fabricated in as little as one visit. Immediate dentures are utilized so a patient will never be without teeth. The dentures are fabricated ahead of time, the teeth are extracted and then the immediate dentures are given to the patient the same day. Most of the time, immediate dentures are made as “interim” dentures with the intention of making another final set of dentures 9-12 months later. Immediate dentures are not perfect because impressions are taken while existing teeth are still in place and the arches will change greatly over time after the teeth are extracted. After 9-12 months, most healing is complete and traditional dentures can then be made. Immediate dentures are fabricated to give the patient teeth immediately (and not be without teeth) and to acclimate the mouth to wearing dentures until the final set can be made.