Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

Tooth Colored Fillings

White-Fillings (Composite Fillings)

Tooth-colored fillings are composite resins. For adhesion, these fillings are etched and bonded mechanically to the tooth. They can be used in front teeth and back teeth.

There are many advantages to using a composite resin (as opposed to a silver filling):

  1. Composite resins match and blend with natural teeth for very esthetic restorations.
  2. The dentist does not have to remove as much tooth to place a composite resin as he would if he was placing a silver filling.
  3. Composite resins can strengthen the tooth because they are bonded chemically.
  4. Their durability is just as good as silver fillings.
  5. There is no mercury exposure with composite resins.
  6. Composite resins can be used for filling cavities, restoring chipped teeth and closing spaces between front teeth.