Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

Night Guards

Nightguards (Mouthguards)

Nightguards are utilized when people clench or grind their teeth at nighttime while sleeping.

People who have these nighttime habits need to wear a nightguard. A nightguard will protect their teeth during the night. Excessive clenching or grinding over time may cause fractures and abnormal wear in teeth. Clenching and grinding produce much force on teeth and can also cause TMJ issues.

The only way to protect teeth at nighttime is to wear a custom-fitted nightguard that a dentist can have made. Over the counter nightguards are sold at pharmacies but do not fit well and tend not to stay in one’s mouth overnight. OTC nightguards can be used for temporary reasons.

Dr Wieczorek can fabricate a nightguard to fit either your upper or lower teeth. It should last many years with proper care.