Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Wieczorek uses digital dental X-Rays to provide even better dental care and more accurate diagnoses. The process of digitally capturing an image is much faster, safer and more comfortable for the patient compared to traditional x-ray film. There is no more individual x-ray film to be used with each x-ray. There is only one sensor capturing the images. This allows the x-rays to be done much faster. The sensors that are used are small and more comfortable in a patient’s mouth too. Digital dental X-ray systems are more sensitive than traditional dental X-ray film systems. Your exposure to X-rays is cut by as much as 90 percent with digital x-rays!

How Digital Dental X-Rays Work:

  1. A small digital sensor is placed in your mouth.
  2. The sensor is connected to a computer by a thin wire.
  3. The x-ray is taken and the sensor captures the image and sends it to the computer.
  4. The sensor can then be repositioned to x-ray other sections of your mouth.

We Utilize Panorex X-rays

A digital panorex x-ray is also utilized in our office. This panorex takes a whole picture of your mouth at one time. This x-ray allows Dr Wieczorek to check your wisdom teeth and surrounding jaw bone.