Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

Dentures – Implant Supported

Dental Implants have greatly improved the retentiveness of dentures. Many people who have had dentures made do not wear them because they do not stay in their mouths. They are loose and move too much to be able to chew or talk with them, especially a lower denture. Many denture wearers have to use adhesive paste to get them to hold. Dental implants have made dentures very satisfying to wear!

Dental implants can be utilized with removable dentures or fixed dentures (don’t come out of mouth). Both types of prosthesis require much planning between the dentist, lab technician, and oral surgeon.

For REMOVABLE dentures, implants click into caps that are fabricated into the denture. For lower dentures, 2-4 implants can be utilized. For upper dentures, 4-6 implants can be utilized. A denture can click on directly to the implants (Locators) or click onto a bar that connects the implants (Hader Bar).
Pros: greater retentiveness, smaller prosthesis than full denture, can remove to clean
Cons: prosthesis may still cover palate and can’t taste food as well

For FIXED dentures, generally 4-7 implants are placed for each arch. The fixed denture consists of a titanium or zirconia framework that has teeth fused into prosthesis. The prosthesis is tightened down with screws into the implants. The prosthesis does not come out.
Pros: excellent retentiveness, greater chewing ability, does not come out, no material covering palate, less material than a removable prosthesis
Cons: harder to keep clean on a daily basis