Dr. Mark Wieczorek, DMD, PC

New Patients – Adults and Children

New Patients

A New Patient visit consists of a comprehensive exam and x-rays. A dental prophylaxis (cleaning) may also be given if a patient’s gum health is good. If a patient’s gum health is not good and gum disease may be present, no cleanings will be done at the first visit. If it has been many years since a patient’s last comprehensive exam, no cleaning will be scheduled for the first visit.

Dental x-rays need to be taken for a complete diagnosis. Without x-rays, Dr Wieczorek cannot give a full evaluation of a patient’s dental health. If a previous dentist has a recent Full Mouth Series (FMX) or Panorex and it was taken within the past year, Dr Wieczorek may be able to utilize those x-rays if our office obtains them before the first visit. Different kinds of x-rays are taken depending on a patient’s age and amount of teeth present.


Our doctors treat patients of all ages! Children can be seen for examinations as soon as the child has teeth! There is no reason to wait for a dental exam for a child. Children of all ages get cavities at all ages! Bring your children in and allow Dr Wieczorek to examine them as soon as possible.

If a child is very young and may be difficult to manage, there is a possibility that Dr Wieczorek may need to refer a child to a Pediatric dentist.


Our doctors treat all adults of all age groups.