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Dr. Mark Wieczorek DMD

SUGAR…It’s everywhere!

March 6, 2016 | General Dentistry
When new patients come to see me for an examination and I diagnose cavities, I ask the patient why are they getting the cavities? Many don’t know. Many say bad genetics. Many tell me the truth! What is the truth? SUGAR! Excessive sugar is the reason one get cavities. There are other factors that contribute to getting cavities. But without sugar, you cannot get cavities. Sugar in drinks is a major reason for getting cavities.
Dr. Mark Wieczorek DMD

My toothbrush can hurt my teeth?

December 14, 2015 | General Dentistry
Yes, you read that correctly! As we all know, using a toothbrush is a must to keep our teeth clean. But using a wrong toothbrush and using an incorrect brushing technique can be very harmful to your teeth and gums! We must use a SOFT toothbrush always. Using a toothbrush with medium and hard bristles can be very detrimental as they are too stiff and don’t reach into the gumline as far as they should.